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Mobile Developer

As 35inch Software Solutions, we are a company that exports software solutions to 11 countries in different areas and we carry out our activities in our office in Folkart Time and Istanbul Koza Plaza with a team of 25 people in total. We have been producing vehicle tracking systems, international trade softwares, inner-city and inter-city transporting softwares for many years. In addition to our products, we also offer our customers mobile and web based special software solutions. In this regard, we are looking for teammates, who can work as full time or freelance as ‘Software Development Expert’ due to our developing dynamic organization.
Our company currently uses Nodejs, .NET Core and Entity Framework on the API side, React on the Web UI side, React-Native and Flutter on the Mobile UI side, and MSSQL and Postgresql on the database side. Therefore, we are looking for teammates who have experience on these technologies or at least have knowledge about these technologies and who are quick learners.
It is a deciding factor for us the candidates who are willing to join our team, to be inclined to teamwork, constantly improving himself/herself, likes to share his/her knowledge with team members, following up-to-date technologies, who adopts individual improvement as well as team improvement and to be individuals who can contribute to the 35inch.
The Requirements We Look For In Our Candidates:
  • Mobil Uygulama Geliştirme alanında en az 1 yıl deneyim sahibi,
  • React Native ile multi platform mobil programlama konusunda bilgi sahibi,
  • Reskin işlemlerinde tecrübeli kod bağımlılıklarını çözebilecek
  • IOS & Android mağazalarında uygulama ve yayınlama konusunda deneyim sahibi,
  • Firebase, analytics araçlarına hakim,
  • İyi derecede Javascript ve React bilgisi olan,
  • ES6 ve ES7 yeniliklerine hakim,
  • React Native ile canlıda kullanılan uygulamalar geliştirmiş,
  • React Navigation ve React Native Navigation’a hakim,
  • Expo teknolojisine hakim,
  • React Native uygulamalarının CI/CD süreçlerine hakim,
  • Yeni gelişmeleri takip edip uygulayabilecek,
  • React Native’e native modül geliştirmiş,
  • React Native uygulamalarının performans ihtiyaçlarını bulup, aksiyonlar almak,
  • State yönetimi, React Navigation ve Redux konusunda tecrübeli,
  • WebAPI, SOAP, REST konularında deneyimli,
  • Git Versiyon kontrol sistemiyle çalışmış,
Candidate Requirements

Experienced / Inexperienced

Level of Education:

Highschool(Graduate), Associate Degree(Graduate), Associate Degree (Student), Bachelor Degree (Student), Bachelor Degree (Graduate), Post Graduate (Student), Post Graduate (Graduate), Doctorate(Student), Doctorate (Graduate)

Foreign Language:

English (Reading : Good, Writing : Good, Speaking : Good) German (Reading : Good, Writing : Good, Speaking : Good)

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