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/ The Values We Are Looking For

Would you like to know the values that can include you to the 35inch family?

Taking Initiative
Being a Team Player
Continuous Learning
Value and Experience Oriented
Trustworthiness and Transparency
Learning From Feedbacks

/ The Advantages Of Being One Of Us

I Do Not Feel Well Leave

There may be times you feel bad or simply don’t want to work. In days such like this, you do not have to work.

Birthday Leave

You do not have to work on your birthday, in a day important like this, you can do whatever you want and be with your loved ones.

Welcome Package

We have prepared you a package exclusive to you so you feel special from the very first day.

Menstrual Leave

You don’t have to work, in such a painful and exhausting period.

Equipment Support

We provide you the all equipment support that you need or may need.

Development Support

We put great importance on personal development. We enable you to access to the courses and resources that you can develop yourself for free by providing financial support.

Global Projects

You can work with clients in various countries, such as Germany and UK and gain experience by taking part in different projects.

Various Activities

We organize activities that our team can blow off some steam, have fun and relax.

Work Environment That You Can Constantly Learn

You will have a work environment, in which you can constantly learn new things, get support about the subjects you want to improve on, and take part in new projects.

Choose Your Career Path

Are you looking for a place, where talent, creativity and passion come together?

Submit your CV to build a career that fits your lifestyle, grow and develop together, and build a sustainable world together, in a place where you feel important!

Join Our Team

Equality of Opportunity

Do you want to join a great team and work at a company that every application is thoroughly evaluted or does not discriminate on disability, citizenship, age, nationality, colour, religion, race and supports its employees and where the labor is valued?

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