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Software Solutions in E-Mobility Technologies

In the rapidly changing world, sustainable transportation solutions are becoming increasingly important. As 35inch, we provide comprehensive services related to e-mobility technologies. Among our services, the installation of charging stations and the development of their software are given priority.

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Charging Station Software
Our charging station software offers customized solutions for monitoring, managing, and controlling the charging processes of electric vehicles nationwide in Turkey. We provide a range of advantages for charging station companies in Turkey;
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking: We enable the real-time monitoring of charging processes and the tracking of station usage status.
  • Remote management and monitoring: We allow charging stations to be managed and monitored remotely from anywhere, providing convenience to enhance operational efficiency.
  • User-friendly interface: We enable charging station customers to easily locate stations, make reservations, and perform payment transactions through a user-friendly interface, enhancing the user experience.
  • Flexible management: We enable charging station companies to customize their operating hours, pricing policies, and usage rules, providing flexible solutions tailored to their needs.
Our company has a dedicated team of experts who offer specialized solutions to charging station companies in Turkey. As a leader in the e-mobility sector, our company combines efficiency, user experience, and flexible management to provide unique solutions that contribute to the success of businesses.
Installation of Charging Station
We offer specialized solutions such as professional installation services, technology integration, maintenance, and support for charging station companies in Turkey.
Energy Management Software
Our energy management software offers customized solutions to meet the needs of charging station companies in Turkey, aiming to optimize the energy used in charging electric vehicles and manage energy consumption. We provide the following benefits to charging station companies in Turkey:
  • By ensuring grid integration and enabling optimization of charging processes according to grid demands, we allow them to analyze the grid status and optimize charging operations based on grid requirements.
  • We enable efficient management and integration of energy storage systems into the grid.
  • We provide the opportunity to enhance energy efficiency and reduce costs through detailed energy consumption analysis.
  • We enable real-time monitoring of energy consumption data, access to detailed reports, and the ability to conduct analyses.
Our software company offers specialized solutions in energy management for charging station companies in Turkey, providing opportunities to enhance energy efficiency, optimize grid integration, and reduce costs.
Why Us?
Innovative and Pioneering: We lead the beginning of a new era in the e-mobility sector in Turkey. We shape the industry with our innovative approach and pioneering vision.
Tailored Solutions for Turkey: We provide customized solutions that align with Turkey's energy infrastructure, regulations, and charging station needs.
Local Knowledge and Experience: We possess local expertise in the e-mobility sector in Turkey. We utilize our local experience to successfully manage your projects.
Investment in a Sustainable Future: The e-mobility sector holds great significance for Turkey's sustainable future. We offer solutions to contribute to a sustainable future.
Partnership and Support: We are here to collaborate and support your projects' success, helping you achieve your growth goals.
With our local knowledge and passion, we take the lead in Turkey's e-mobility transformation. We can help you secure a position as a leader in the future of e-mobility with our tailored solutions for your business.

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