Fast Offer, Optimal Tow Truck!

Fast Offer, Optimal Tow Truck!

From now on, inner-city and inter-city vehicle transportation operations will not be like how it used to be! Thanks to thousands of tow trucks within Chekici, 24/7 planned and emergency tow servie is now at your fingertips in an affordable and secure way!

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Chekici is a company that started out as a joint venture of Kristy International Trade & Transportation, which serving in all the leading countries of the world in the field of commerce, and 35inch Software Solutions based in Izmir. Being one of the fruits of an initiative that combines technological and innovative approaches with extensive trading experience from different sectors, Chekici offers a unique experience for its visitors by showing its difference from the first moment it sets out!

Whether you are car dealer looking for frequent car transportation services, a user looking for roadside assistance for an urgent need, or a vehicle transportation service provider. Chekici brings all the services you may need inner-city and inter-city vehicle transportation at your fingertips 24/7 in a quality and safe way!

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